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Equipment wish list
Equipment wish list

Planned and already existing equipment, plus what I need to make it happen.


  • T-tunic: green and yellow, with innacurate painted sleeve decorations -- needs muting. More decoration?
  • Trousers: yellow & blue -- need muting, lengthening, then decoration
  • Trousers: multiple stripes -- need lengthening, then decoration
  • Outer coat: blue -- needs pattern, quilting, decorations
  • Outer coat: "leather" -- needs pattern, decorations
  • Boots: need a cover for Mephistos?
  • Need: soft cloth inner belt?
  • Need: leather belt with metal decorations


Currently I'll just use what I've got; period style jewelry (& bronze mirror?) coming soon


  • Two trenchers: need sanding, painting on back & tamga on front, then epoxying
  • Three little wooden bowls: need sanding, painting, tamga, epoxying
  • Mussel shells: need some modification so they don't rock
  • Need: something for light -- candle holders?
  • Drinking tools: have silver goblet, need ceramic mug with zoomorphic handle, maybe rhyton?
  • Need: single edged eating dagger, probably that "inward" curved style in copper
  • Nice red tablecloth -- decorations?
  • Nice ceramic jug
  • Nice little wooden spoon (would like to try carving bone someday, though)
  • Basket to carry everything (is "saddlebag" more period?)

Camping gear

  • Small domed pup tent

Currently wishful stuff:

  • Incense cup/smudge bowl
  • Ger
  • Spear with long spearhead
  • Banner pole with zoomorphic terminal
  • Draco standard

Armor & Weaponry (very wishful! ;)

  • Silk shirt
  • Leather cuirass/padded jacket
  • Lasso (probably decorative only! ;)
  • Akinakes with butterfly scabbard to hang on the belt
  • Bow & arrows with gorytus