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Life is being "interesting" for me currently, and consequently my writing time has taken a big hit. I'm working out the issues causing this, and writing them out to clear them up in my head, so I hope to have something interesting next month. Until then, please enjoy the book reviews for January and February.

January's books:

Bitten: Elena, the only female werewolf in the world, must choose between her self-chosen desire to lead a normal human life, and her desire for her Pack and the demands it imposes on her.

Precious Blood: Part of a series of holiday-themed murder mysteries, with an ethnic ex-FBI detective

February's books:

My Year of Meats: A half-Japanese, half-American documentarian struggles with the morality of mixing fact and fiction, while creating art to imitate life.

The Corpse Bride: A stop-motion-animated fairy tale of love conquering all.

Pleasant reading, and as always I love to hear from you!