from the August 2003 "PvP" news archives

pot calling kettle...come in kettle
Posted on Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I'm the last person who should be making fun of someone else for having bad grammar.

Scott makes careless mistakes. That's what my teachers used to write in red ink on my homework. Not much has changed since elementary school. I.m still making careless mistakes as an adult.

I know it upsets my dad. I'm not stupid, he reminds me. I'm careless. I know my readers hate it, despite the nice way they correct my spelling via email. I know I hate it, but never enough to really do anything about it. How hard is it to use a spell-checker?

Of course, spell-check won't help me when it comes to most grammatical errors. Again, it's just a matter of being careless, and I know it. I've known it since I was a kid.

And until yesterday, I wasn't too worried about it. Until yesterday, I would make excuses about it. Until yesterday, I would even make jokes about it.

So what happened yesterday? I read a copy of Entertainment Showcase.

Entertainment Showcase is a monthly free newsletter that gets dropped off at all the local Dallas area comic book shops. I've never paid too much attention to it before yesterday, but I've seen it everywhere (there's also an online version).

Yesterday I went to the comic book shop and a copy of Entertainment Showcase got put into my bag. I skimmed over the first article at dinner. The first sentence threw me for quite a loop.

" back at the .Best. Comic Convention in the world: San Diego Comic Con International, from all over the world publisher, producers, celebrities, industry professionals, studios, the .fans. and we defiantly can.t forget the sexy women that dress up in the small, and some do reveal body parts, that make us image our fantasy coming alive."

I sat back, blinked, and read the next sentence.

"David and I only had one complaint about our trip, and that was not the Cons Fault it was our Hotel. We had a reservation at the Wyndham Emerald Plaza, however when we arrived, the hotel had said it was over booked, and could not accommodate us, they said they tried to find a place, but we can.t be for sure if they did."

I asked around and found out it's always this bad. I guess the errors in Entertainment Showcase have become somewhat of a joke around the local comic book shops. From what I hear, this guy takes himself pretty seriously too. I chuckled, laughing along.

That's when a little Jiminy Cricket version of Papa appeared on my shoulder and said (in a thick German accent) "What are you laughing at? Doesn't this sound familiar to you?"

I am the Entertainment Showcase of web comics. Scott makes careless mistakes. I am somewhat of a joke around certain circles. On top of it, I've been known to spout off about how web comic creators have to take on the role of editor themselves.

You know that feeling, don't you? When you realize you've been acting like an idiot, and it took you longer than the rest of the world to realize it? Yeah. That's me. Pot calling no spell good.

I'm planning to spell check this post at least three times. I'm sure I'll miss something. Feel free to let me know if I do.

It's a long road ahead. (Not its, IT'S!)