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A listing of all the Firestarter articles or reviews I've written, from newest to oldest. Thoughts, corrections, and suggestions are welcome.

Also, I generally put up a new Firestarter article at the beginning of each month, and add book reviews as the muse touches me. If you'd like to be notified of these updates, please join the Bestiary mailing list. Enjoy!

May 2004
Why Not Same-sex Marriage?

April 2004
A Temporal Literary Triptych of Women

March 2004
Why I don't like Jackson's "Two Towers"

February 2004
What is Love?

January 2004
How do we keep honesty?

December 2003
What happened to browser standards?!

November 2003
Why do we ask why women seem to prefer bad boys to nice guys?

October 2003
What is friendship?