A Quill Pen

Haiku (& other poetry)

Along with a link to this site, I put the occasional haiku into my e-mail signature. It's fun, and maybe it'll pique folks' interest about my Bestiary. I also occasionally write other poetry. Enjoy!

January 2008:
Cold, sharp sickle moon.
    Sunrise: small, soft-gray clouds drift,
underlit bright pink.

Sharp-edged tall building
    Lifting above surroundings
Edged with drifting fog.

September 2007:
Pale cool dawn. Dirty
    car windows need clean- no, wait...
That's autumn's first fog.

January 2007:
Pale dawn's opaque tea,
    cupped in my tiny courtyard:
one gulp of smooth fog

November 2006:
Tall buildings greet and
    reflect gold sunrise beauty,
which I can't yet see.

September 2006:
Luminous dove gray
    silhouettes against soft rose:
Autumn's dawn palette.

June 2006:
Selecting each word
    discipline crafts creation
Such satisfaction!

May 2006:
The suffering of
    solitude lessens with your
loving companions.

I reach multitudes
    on the net. Alas, I still
can't hug distant friends.

Auditory clutter
Occasional solitude inspires me,
as does the companionship of dear friends
and the simple clarity of green places.
How loud our world is. When are we to draw breath?

April 2006:
Molten gold pours through
    shaggy black pine boughs like a
shout of joy: sunrise!

November 2005:
delicate etchings
    silver frost flow'rs by moonlight
admired with shivers

October 2005:
    A two edged sword; you speak much
Do you ever hear?

Looking into the Abyss
(an Elizabethan sonnet)

Ever restless, I, drifting without goal,
Though I knew it not, childhood's refugee,
Thoughtless as the wind, lacking all control,
Quietly you came, quiet guided me.
Peaceful steadiness soothed my harried heart,
Constant battle ceased; unknown and unconfessed.
You gave room to grow; you were my guiding chart,
Constant nagging gone; I could be my best.
I believed I was become a woman who'd
Grown into my strength with your encouragement,
I thought I'd done the same; you were all that you would,
Together we'd become the source of our content.
What happened to my faith? Belief is torn apart.
When did we change so much? Who am I in your heart?

September 2005:
Spring leaves (earlier
    bright with joy) hang tattered by
fall's tribulations

written during a particularly difficult and hectic time in my work life

April 2005:
Dawn's first faint gloaming,
    pale moon sliver framed by pines:
elegant brushwork

March 2005:
Black as an x-ray;
    streaked clouding with bright white bone-
Full moon, Spring night sky

Groggy, I wake to
    dawn sunbeams. I am so not
a morning person. ;)

February 2005:
Dark, tumbling rainclouds
    foil for delicate rainbows
sunlight's signature

Hillside silhouettes
    each distant, misty layer
paler mystery

I guess there's something about cool, misty mornings and being half awake, while speeding silently and effortlessly down the dim highway, that inclines my mind towards haiku reveries

Cool, misty mornings
    early-rising grogginess
haiku reveries

heh -- okay, that one's just silly fun ;)

January 2005:
Soft shining streamers:
    mauve and rose; opposite gleam
dawn-gilded windows

trying to invoke that breathless instant of beauty and birth at dawn

When you will not see,
    why shout aloud beauty is
truth... we are all blind.

why is it we can always see the failings of others -- but never in ourselves?

    ladies swirling velvet skirts;
blossoming roses

I love California -- where else could I receive roses in winter? ;)

fragile glass, frost etched;
    pale dawn's silent, colorless
hint of future warmth.

drifting fog fingers,
    delicate glass frost flowers,
colorless spring dawn.

two attempts to adequately capture the wan, cool, half-alive promise of very early dawn here

Clear, insistent chime,
    interrupting -- belt grabbing;
spring mating: cell phones

and why don't folks turn the damn things off during meetings?!

December 2004:
Sugar, cinnamon,
    cheerful colors, flashing lights;
Sensuous pleasure.

Solstice holiday impressions after a fun cookie-decorating party.

The lily: pristine
    ivory beauty. Alas,
there is no sweet scent.

Written while reflecting on someone whose beauty was only skin deep

November 2004:
Hammering, fold, strike,
    concept takes form and substance;
bright-bladed thought shines.

While struggling to communicate effectively, this metaphor occurred to me.

Serene lavender
    streaked with gold-glowing cloud wisps:
sunset, thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was particularly lovely this year, both actually and metaphorically

As seasons pass, friends,
    acquaintances -- and new names!
-increase in number. ;)

written when I re-joined the SCA and ended up changing my persona name, due to the large number of new excavations and discoveries made about the culture of my persona. Cool stuff! ;)

October 2004:
Autumn winds whisper;
    time to harvest muse-inspired

Written to celebrate the coming of both Samhain and my birthday! ;)

September 2004:
Creative joy lifts
    like a bird in flight. Alas,
mine has migrated.

Loss numbs.

August 2004:
Early morning sun:
    luminous inspiration;
jewel-glowing Light.

The solar-powered twirling crystal hanging in my window makes me smile every morning, watching the rainbows dart and dance about my kitchen.

June 2004:
Sweet-scented velvet,
    bright, lazy summer roses-
My pages render! ;)

A tongue-in-cheek haiku, since I'd been informed in no uncertain terms that real haiku had a nature/seasonal element in them, regardless of theme! ;)

April 2004:
Jeweled spring blossoms;
    Beginnings, hopes, and laughter
come easily now.

February 2004:
I turn up my face
    Cool cloudlets, bright with moonlight
Love brings inner warmth.

Inspired by a full moon on a particularly lovely cool Spring night.

October 2003:
Beginning again:
    pondering life's tapestry...
harvest moon rises.

Celebrating the brand new beginning of this site! ;)

November 2002:
My personal site
    like falling leaves in autumn
broken links abound. ;-p

The humorous inspiration which got me started writing haiku again