The Da Vinci Code
by Dan Brown

What's the real Truth?

As a friend of mine wrote when commenting on a previous Firestarter, belief in truth demands a commensurate belief in logic and critical thinking, which accepts and permits the growth of knowledge and more truth. Once we do this, we can then accept that new facts and theories will mean we must accordingly change our beliefs in order to be responsible followers of Truth.

To live in denial, to lie and deny truth, to deny the rights of others, is simply not responsible. It doesn't matter if an antiquated religion says it's all right to lie to, cheat, and kill women, or those weaker than you, or non-believers. That sort of behavior is ultimately neither responsible nor truthful.

In the end it doesn't really matter if someone named Jesus lived or not, and if someone named Mary was really his wife or not. What matters is whether or not we treat each other kindly, responsibly, and truthfully in the here and now.

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