I have wonderful housemates. Last night I was quite glum about something unpleasant I'd had to do, and one of my housemates knew about it. He arrived home from work with a bag of delicious Del Taco take-out, gleefully announcing as he walked in the door that the burrito fairy had arrived!

When I finally quit laughing I told him he'd cheered me up greatly, but I was certainly not going to ask how he stayed aloft. He looked blank until I added (in the tone of voice of one who knows it's not funny if you have to explain!), "Gas? Afloat?" — at which point he went, "Eeeew!" and laughed.

So this morning as I'm puttering around and mentally organizing my day, I don't realize he's still in the house, and I'm still in my big fluffy bright red bathrobe. I make myself a toasted English muffin with raspberry jam on it, which turns out to be more than I can eat. I decide to take the other half in to my other housemate that works at home. I find both housemates on the computer "Bridge," leaning over a screen and working together on something. I chat with them for a few seconds as I hand over the half a muffin to the work-at-home housemate, since I don't want to interrupt a geek fugue in action. :-)

Mere moments later I'm in the kitchen and getting myself a drink — and the outside-job housemate walks in, with a cheery, "Well, you evil toasty temptress! Now I want one!"

Oh, yeah, just what every woman in a frumpy bathrobe wants to hear. ;-) Amusingly, I don't think I'm that good at my toasty tempting yet, as he ended up just getting himself a coke!

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