Here it is the first day of the newest and most recent world cycle, on the turning of the circular Mayan calendar. We get to start with a fresh new mindset today — let's make it something beautiful! My new worldview is to envision a world where we slowly but steadily shed the various oppressions which made up the old worldview, like a snake sheds her skin and emerges glisteningly larger and stronger, shimmeringly iridescent, and gorgeously marked.

Author Anne Primavesi explained to me about the concept of a "velvet" revolution: when you live in a far from ideal situation, but choose to live "as if" you were in an ideal situation. Gandhi said we must be the change we wish to see. Very well then: I will endeavor to express and live my life as if this is indeed the beautiful world I wish to live in.

In my new worldview we are an egalitarian people of many colors, ages, shapes, sizes, and genders — all of which are a wondrous and appreciated expression of our marvelous diversity. We live in a lush and beautiful world which we understand and cherish as our life-gifting non-human family. We reach out to each other in joyous community, to share and give freely amongst ourselves because we understand we live in abundance and beauty. I shall live my best to make it so.

What would you suggest adding to my worldview to make it better? What is your new worldview, that you're going to live as well?

Brazilian rainbow boa

A gorgeous Brazilian rainbow boa to herald in the beautiful new Mayan world cycle!

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