Actually, the physical and mental health benefits of social ties with women are experienced by men and women both — and for married men, these benefits occur even when the women are not present (85-86). As Taylor poetically notes, "women are heavily involved in stitching up all the little rips and tears in the social […]

The myths about male dominance and female submissiveness are not the only current social issues, however, that I believe merit thoughtful scientific consideration — or rather, already have been studied, but should definitely have the derived data become part of the general public's knowledge base. For example, as mentioned in previous postings, there is currently […]

I cannot politely say why I think it is that white, Western, and usually male anthropologists feel the need to insist — in the face of constant data to the contrary — that hunting is more masculine, more dangerous, and more prestigious than gathering. However, I find it tragic that such blatant lies about human […]

It's summertime for me now, and I'm gleefully starting my readings for Fall semester, which doesn't start for another three or so months — this time I won't get caught short on time! I'm going to try reading all the books that really interest me first, so I have plenty of time to ponder them. […]

Later edit: This bibliography has been seriously revised and updated due to professorial input. Check out the new version here.   There! That's all the reviews of all the books on my booklist for last semester's Ecofeminism comps class. I figured posting the original versions, before they were edited down to fit into the comps […]

Subtly weaving the suggestion to always perform right action — based on the sometimes unrecognized fact of personal relatedness with all life — into one's daily living patterns is one of the most powerful culture-changing tools I am aware of. In this vein, two of the most significant works on praxis within the category of […]

I read an awful lot of textbooks for classes. I'm fortunate in that most of them are fascinating, but there does come a point where I feel like my brain is full, and I need a break. That's when I pick up what I call my brain-candy reading: fun fiction that I can tear through […]

I apologize that, due to Wolf's writing resonating powerfully for me, I'm falling back on massive quotes more than I would like to. In my defense I will note that I feel she writes with more clarifying passion than I do, and I want to share that in its purest and clearest form with my […]

In my last posting on Vagina: A New Biography, I closed with the virulently damaging effects of rape — physically, sensually, and emotionally — for women. As the author notes, there have not yet been any books written to study if men can suffer similar ill effects from rape — though some data seems to […]

  In an instant, I realized that original sin did not, as the Judeo-Christian tradition has it, originate in human sexuality. Our species' original sin was in deviating from our earliest tradition of reverence for the feminine and for female sexuality, and all that it represented for us. Our original sin lies in five thousand […]

Bestiaries depict mythical, moralizing animals, but are also potential allegorical sparks that can bloom into brilliant mental bonfires. My bestiary is this mythologizing animal's fascinated exploration of beauty & meaning in the wonder of existence -- in the hopes of inspiring yet more joyous flares of intellectual passion.



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