Collie's Birthday booklet

Halloween Tricks & Treats!

The holiday of Halloween is based on the Celtic holiday of Samhain, or "end of the warm season." It's the dividing day between years, neither in this year or the next; when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest -- a time of uninhibited feasting! The Celts believed crucial joints between the seasons, like Samhain, opened seams in the fabric of space-time, allowing contact between the ghostworld, "Summerland," and our mortal world.

These seasonal joints were times to perform rituals to contact honored ancestors, and to light Samhain bonfires so they'd seek the warmth, and generous communion with their living kin. These contacts were made with anticipation, in the hopes of obtaining guidance from those in the next world, who were the guardians holding the wisdom of mankind.

In that spirit, please enjoy your little Halloween treasure! For Earth, some gold coins -- and some fool's gold, to remember all that glitters may be darned pretty, but isn't always gold!

A popper and a candle for Fire, to attract friendly spirits to you, and for Water there's a marble swirling like the ocean. Let your champagne soap bubbles inspire you with Air's laughter! Keep watch for friendly spirits with two (chocolate) eyeballs, and may your small Halloween treat bring you luck through the year.

Thank you for coming to my birthday party, and Happy Halloween! Want more interesting information on Halloween's traditional roots? Try http://www.religioustolerance.org/hallo_np.htm, and have fun!

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