The new year is coming up! Also, I'm very pleased to have just passed a small milestone in regards to my student loans — yay, me!

Tl;dr version: completely paid off one of the smallish loans — only two to go now!

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I don't know why, but I have been bedeviled with typos during my graduation process! This is not something I've had such problems with previously… so in the spirit of finding the positive in my life, I'm adding this as an amusingly undesired first, to my list of new things I've experienced this year, in order to find the humor in it.

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Friday the 13th has always been a good day for me. I remember, as a child, wondering why people were so afraid of it, especially since Friday the 13th was the day when my sister and I received our first horse. We named him Friday's Luck, or Lucky for short. He was an obstinate little cuss, and taught me a great deal about riding, to the point that he and I regularly won classes at the local horseshows. I always found it fitting that the show in which we won both several classes, and that show's division championship, was the one where our number was 13. We'd have won the division championship for the entire year too, but for his unfortunately being sold partway through that year. As it was, we'd accumulated enough points during the shows we were actually in, that year, that we won reserve champion anyway.

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Woohooo! It's up! It's accessible! It's here! My dissertation, as finally published by ProQuest!

"Everyone Gets Lifted Up": How Matrifocal Families Can Enhance People's Lives and Reduce Systemic Patriarchal Oppressions

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In specific, let's talk about student loans — especially since I'm graduating, so the start of my repayment is coming up soon, woot!

dollar bills

So, I've had people ask me how I can, in good conscience, support any sort of student loan forgiveness — when my doing so is clearly really just self-aggrandizement on my part. However, and for what it's worth, I haven't always spoken out for student loan forgiveness. I changed my mind on the subject when Congress decided to effectively double the (supposedly) fixed interest rate on my loans.

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[later edit: OK, this was supposed to go up on September 16th… but apparently I was so excited that I forgot to hit the Publish button! So here it is — better late than never, I guess! ;) ]

I'm a doctor! I can hardly believe it! Holy smokes, I just about sailed through my oral defense — with flying colors! I am SO SO SO EXCITED!!

I'm also proud of myself for taking the time to write, read aloud, wince at how much time that took and then rewrite, read and reflect and then rewrite again… over and over until I ended up with an oral defense presentation which came in perfectly at the time it was supposed to! Considering that the dissertation itself was technically supposed to be only 200 to 250 pages, but after tight editing, mine came in at 381 pages… I'm really pretty pleased with how my zoom-meeting oral defense presentation came out!

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OMG, peeps! I just received the feedback from my third committee member – 3 days early! When I read her report I was so thrilled I was almost hyperventilating! Her first sentence was:

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I'm so excited! Yesterday my committee chair told me she thought my dissertation was done enough to send on to the rest of my dissertation committee! So today I pieced all the chapters together, filled out all the paperwork, and sent it all on — woohoooo! Hard to believe it, but I'm getting ever closer to completion here!

The Rats of Happiness
The Rats of Happiness!
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It. Is. DONNNE!!

WOOHOOOOO! Dissertation is COMPLETELY written, yeah! :-D

I'm going to take a couple of days to just relax, run around like a mad thing, play with Goldie, and do the laundry… and then I'll settle down and start working on the NEXT batch of things which need doing! Stuff like, ohhh…

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laughing mousieOMG, I am SO excited! The first three (of five) chapters of my dissertation are completed and reviewed by my Chair! Here's what she had to say:

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