Thesis has been signed off! Passed with flying colors! Graduation was wonderful! ;)

Very sleep deprived. Having occasional weird giggle fits. Conversation with a long-suffering friend on-line:

J says "Congratulations at the end of your thesis! Now that it's over, can I ask… what was it about? :)"

Collie looks boggled, "About? Er… they're supposed to be *about* something?!"

J blinks.

Collie giggles! Sorry, sorry, silliness attack. So! It was about 80 pages. Why? :)

J groans.

Collie giggles again! Ahem. Yeah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too sleep-deprived! :)


Looking at the stacks of books used in the thesis. Noting which need returning to this or that library, I'm struck by how many are actually mine. Huh. All this knowledge in my head about the Central Asian nomads now… maybe I should get back into the SCA, to give myself an excuse to make some of the beautiful things I'd like to try making! Or better yet, try to figure out how to sell the pretty things, and make a living at it. Isn't that everyone's dream, after all? -making a living at what you love? :)


The presentation last night went fantastically! One housemate managed to get a video of it. With luck I'll be able to post it here later. I mentioned the direness of having to re-write the thesis in less than a week, and folks were duly impressed when they realized I wasn't joking. Can't recommend the experience, though. Got some really lovely compliments at the final thesis review. Was almost in tears, I was so touched by their kindness.

Eight of us graduated, seven walked — woohoo! :) Still dealing with post-cold exhaustion, though, so this will stay short — and, I fear, a bit disjointed. More later when my brain's firing on all cylinders again, and I'm not quite so deliriously euphoric! :)

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