It is the first day of my Spring Break as I write this — wheeeee! Of course, being the Wild Child I am, I'll likely happily spend it curled up on the couch with my textbooks and laptop, working on midterms in front of a crackling fire as I sip a mug of hot tea and contentedly listen to the rain outside. Yeah, I know: I live in the fast lane. ;-)

Here it is March and I've not been steady in posting. Partly it has been due to not having any relatively long, thoughtful, and/or momentous articles to write. More often than not it's due to constantly feeling frantically behind on my schoolwork for the doctorate. I think I've gotten it under some sort of control now, though — rather like being relatively sure one has a good strong hold on the mane of the bucking horse you're riding — and I want to start writing regularly again.

I have therefore come to the conclusion that I should quit waiting for great honkin' treasure chests of meaning to drop into my lap… and I should be happy with the occasional nice little pearl of wisdom — heck, I'll settle for some pearls of dawning realization here. Consequently I'm going to write things down as they occur to me. Sometimes they'll be short random thoughts, or rambling diatribes, or the occasional textbook review — I'm quite fortunate in that the vast majority of the books I'm reading for my classes are at worst dull but informative, and at best fascinating. Hopefully this will make my posting more regular than once every couple of months or so, for which I feel guilty. We'll see how it works out.

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