Quick updating for my 50 New Things, with more coming soon: Saturday 3/24 attended a "Creative Transition" workshop in Berkeley, focusing on art and dance. Fascinating workshop & lovely location. Clearly I must slide more creativity into my life, to balance the delightful intellectual swamp of doctoral work. :)

On Wednesday 3/27 had cranial-sacral massage therapy for the first time. Startlingly relaxing — I think I dozed off at one point! Also attended a poetry circle workshop on 4/4 at the Campbell Library; rather enjoyed that. It was reassuring to discover (unsurprisingly) that I don't suck. :) The workshops are bi-monthly, and I think I'll be attending the next one as well.

This was a busy week! Attended my first shamanic journeying circle at ITP on Saturday the 7th, after donating blood — also fascinating! I love learning all these new things, and even more so when I get to learn about myself as well. This too, I think, will become a fun regular thing for me. The next day, at the urging of a friend (admittedly not a lot of urging, as I was curious :), attended a sexuality workshop taught by Midori. Love the way she clearly explains the psychological aspects of what's hot, what's not.

Tonight, 4/11, attending a class at REI on how to use a map and compass, so I'll never get lost while backpacking. More details soon!

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