Yesterday, for some reason, there were a lot of little things that made me laugh. Thought I'd share a few here today, as a mental break from all the schoolwork. ;)

It started with the housemate browsing on-line who blinked and said, "A dollar I marked on Where's George was given to a stripper in Portland." Not the sort of thing you ordinarily expect to hear over breakfast…

Later I was strolling along in the Pruneyard, and noticed there were several signature gatherers collected in the courtyard ahead of me. I think they were there for either Greenpeace or Sierra Club? I was wearing, at the time, my soft and comfy purple plaid flannel shirt. One of the young men looked over and shouted to me as I approached, "Miss! In that shirt you look like a purple planet protector!"

That one made me laugh, and I told him I already was. He seemed pleased — told me to keep the faith, and we did a casual high-five as I walked on by.

The last one was as I was working on-line, and had a chat room open to where some friends and I were sort of desultorily conversing. Due to a mild computer glitch I had two instances of my name or presence up in the room, and eventually the earlier one idled out and disconnected. The following conversation ensued:

[On-line friend] says, "Collie?"
Collie says, "Yes?"
[On-line friend] says, "Oh, sorry. I saw you 'disconnect.'"
Collie says, "That was Collie1. I'm the evil twin Collie. :)"
[On-line friend] says, "Oh, so you're the Mirror Universe Collie?"
Collie laughs! Yeah, I'm the Bearded Collie! :)

Have a fun day, everyone! :-D

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