On schoolwork

Only two and a half weeks left in the semester, and my comprehensive essay is coming together nicely — thank goodness. I've got the Conclusion roughed out, the Introduction mostly done, and only four book reviews out of 36 left to write. Go, me! Considering that it's getting a little frenetic here, though, I'll probably wait until after the essay is handed in to post the various book reports. Stress occasionally grabs me by the lapels and shakes me violently, which means I can't concentrate enough to write well, which annoys the heck out of me and leaves me with no patience.

Just yesterday I had a small and utterly pointless hissy fit — because I couldn't download a file from our server to my little xoom tablet, so I could work on the essay while in the nice, calm, sunshiny, non-internet-connected park. Admittedly, having no means of easily writing documents seems to me a moronically stupid decision for Motorola — or anyone — to have made for the tablet… but then I've been told I'm not the usual user, so what do I know. ;-j

On dental work

Braces are finally off my nice, straight teeth — woohoo! I'm so very pleased, and celebrating accordingly! So far I've had crispy bacon, crunchy nuts, and chewy brownie, with no concerns as to braces wires getting yanked out, or catching something in the braces, or accidentally swallowing yet another bracket off a tooth, or anything else equally ghastly. Considering how long I had braces as a child (over five years, augh!), I am delighted that it took only six months this time, and I know how to keep my teeth straight this time! :)

On story-crafting

On a completely random note, I think I've finally figured out why I don't care that much for the Narnia movies, and why they were so forgettable. It seems to me that the movie makers didn't sufficiently trust the plots of the marvelous Narnia books — at least, not to be enough to charm their modern-day audiences. Consequently the stories were re-written into pretty little fantasy war movies… and that, unfortunately, reduced the passion of C. S. Lewis's beautiful tales into nothing more than yet another pointless sturm und drang action movie for little boys. Dull dull dull…


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