I'm so excited! Yesterday my committee chair told me she thought my dissertation was done enough to send on to the rest of my dissertation committee! So today I pieced all the chapters together, filled out all the paperwork, and sent it all on — woohoooo! Hard to believe it, but I'm getting ever closer to completion here!

The Rats of Happiness
The Rats of Happiness!

Now all that's left (aside from any suggested revisions on all of these steps!) is sending the committee-approved diss to the Technical Review editor, performing my oral defense (which, cross my fingers, will be in the middle of August), then sending the diss to the Program Chair and Library Director, then sending photo-ready copies to the Program Director and the Writing Center… and then, as they say, if de crick don' rise an' de sun still shine… I will be a doctor, eeeeee! :-D

Also, I caught my funniest typo ever before sending it on to my committee members. I wrote: "…the rates of depression fall, and the rats of happiness raise." So this entry is dedicated to the Rats of Happiness — long may they party! :-D

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