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List of Arguments So what are the arguments against gay marriage I've heard? These are the ones I've got so far, although if you know of others I'd be interested in hearing them as well. We're a christian nation The Bible says homosexuality is a sin 'One male-one female' marriage is the historical cornerstone of […]

Originally posted May 2004 Credits: Thanks to Bob, clear-sighted as always, as well as to George for kindness, and Ian for perspective. Also, if this subject interests you, I recommend my "Firestarter" titled Tolerance FAQ, take II. I've been watching the joy and euphoria spreading through San Francisco and parts of the Bay Area as […]

Truth is a slippery concept. The only thing slipperier I can think of, at this exceedingly late hour, is contested memory fought over to define truth. It's funny the things that stick in your mind. Think of something incredibly meaningful to you as a small child, then ask a parent about it. Odds are they […]

Originally written in the late 1990's for a "Popular Culture" Anthropology class. In her book Reading the Romance: Women, Patriarchy, and Popular Literature, Janice A. Radway explores the apparent fascination of romantic fiction to many women, and examines the needs this literary genre fulfills for its readers. Our required reading was the Introduction and the […]

Continuing from yesterday… Kakou Korakos I certainly agree with you that women are often societally trained to be too passive. Myself, I believe the answer is to quit training them to do that, rather than just nudging "nice guys" to be more assertive. I also agree that being the major decision-maker in a relationship is […]

Continuing from yesterday… Replies Erin (Brace yourself, Erin: I'm going to gush a little. *coughcough* Ahem. ;) ) Thank goodness for folks like you, who don't just think things through before acting — but try their best to pass that on to friends and children! Heh. All gushing aside, I've really enjoyed reading your calmly […]

Continuing from yesterday… "Whatcha gonna do / When they come for you?" So why exactly does a bad boy seem to "get" more women? Leaving aside the repugnant assumptions inherent in that query (which would be an article in itself), the simple answer seems to be they're self-centered and arrogant enough to simply keep propositioning […]

I was going to simply reply to the comments I received concerning the Firestarter titled Why Do We Ask Why Women Seem to Prefer Bad Boys to Nice Guys? However, I realized I had no way of notifying these kind individuals that I immensely appreciated their feedback, and had replied to them. Further, I wanted […]

Bestiaries depict mythical, moralizing animals, but are also potential allegorical sparks that can bloom into brilliant mental bonfires. My bestiary is this mythologizing animal's fascinated exploration of beauty & meaning in the wonder of existence -- in the hopes of inspiring yet more joyous flares of intellectual passion.



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