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  1. Having never read a Romance novel I cannot comment on the main subject matter, but I like how you pointed out the ludicrous statement “Nothing mass-produced can be true Art”. While I would be inclined to agree that mass appeal can diminish the artistic value of any endeavor, to apply such an absolute to something as nebulous and subjective as Art is patently foolish. Yet it is a mindset I have seen over and over again in so-called artists. I am often shocked that those whom you would expect to have the most open minds, are often those with the narrowest vision.

    1. I quite agree; it’s startling how often the formerly oppressed, given opportunity, happily oppress. I don’t really know how to change that, except for perhaps teaching more self-awareness… and that’s a trick in and of itself.

      I admit I’ve not read many romances myself, as I have little patience with the genre. If you’re interested, I’ve got reviews of two different romance series you can read: S.L. Viehl’s science fiction Stardoc series and Mary Jo Putney’s historical romance Silk series. Enjoy! ;)

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