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  1. I admit, I’ve heard it all along that IE is not a good browser. And yet, I can’t seem to stop using it. I’ve tried Firefox, and certain aspects of it (like the way it downloads things) irk me. Plus, even though it was supposedly grabbing my passwords and links and such from IE, it grabbed an outdated version of all of these things, for reasons that confound me.

    Maybe, when I get a new computer, I will try to use some other browser. But for now, I have to go with what works: I’ve seldom had the problems you have had with websites, and the newest version of IE has pop-up blockers, tabs, and all that stuff lauded from other browsers.

  2. May I mambo dogface to the banana patch?

    Sorry, antique Steve Martin punchline. I fear I am ignorant of most of what you speak herein. I am one of the few freaks out there that actually likes IE. I have tried Firefox, and we are required to use it at work, and I just like IE better. But, then again, I’m not building websites. I’ve never tried Opera. How steep is the learning curve on it? I’m pretty good at figuring stuff out on these infernal contraptions, but my wife…not so much. ;-)

    1. You like IE?! Whoa, there goes the neighborhood! :-D

      More to the point, I don’t know how good a person I am to ask about Opera’s learning curve, as I am somewhat used to browser conventions. I can say I find it very easy to use as just a browser, disregarding the elegant and powerful web building tools it has built into it. Does that help, I hope?

  3. (Note from Collie: this is a comment from the previous printing of this Firestarter)

    Oh… just read your Dec 03 bit on browser standards. Amen, sister! I spent ALL DAY today beating my head on the desk trying to work out some problems. Grrrrr. Seeing as the web stuff is most of what I like about my job, it’s no wonder I’m insane. ;)

    I really need to get Opera installed here on my new computer. IE gets SO pissy when you won’t allow it to have cookies and scripts and pop-ups. Spoiled brat. ;)

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