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  1. (Note from Collie: This comment is reprinted from the original posting, with replies from me in italics)

    Your sidebar: Why is thanks to Guthrum “oddly enough”? You learn things from people, and you spent enough time with Guthrum that I’m sure you learned things from him. I don’t think that an odd thing to learn, nor it odd to mention it here. It almost seems backhanded to me to see that “oddly enough” like you’re embarrased to admit it. I hope I’m reading too much in to it.

    Hm, you’re right — on further review it could appear backhanded. I meant it more as a gently teasing thank you, since there were folks who found Guthrum quite intimidating. Admittedly, I never did, but I know he had (probably still has) an extremely strong personal ‘aura.’ I’ve been told I do too sometimes, so maybe that’s part of why we got along so well. ;)

    I don’t have much else to say about the review. It’s clear and well done and talks about the positive parts of the book well. It doesn’t have much negative to say, but I don’t think you found much negative about it.

  2. (Note from Collie: This comment is reprinted from the original posting)

    I was fascinated by King’s candor in the first part of the book. It was amazing to me how open he was about the early part of his life, especially the poverty and uncertainty of it all. I couldn’t help but admire his wife who stood by him through all of the challenges. I was amazed at his being able to overcome his addiction and refocus his life into a productive creative pursuit. Talk about going against the odds.

    I thought his information on the craft of writing was very interesting. Does anyone pay attention to these rules anymore???? It was particularly relevant since I was at the Bill Cosby event at Stanford Sunday. Basically, he is saying that if we do not teach our children correct English, shame on us.

    Coming from a relatively conservative school background, private schools, etc, I am shocked at how little youngsters need to do to pass a class. I am appalled by music lyrics and their shock tactics. Although Cosby was addressing children who are victims of poverty, I do believe the problem is much larger and cuts across socio-economic borders.

    Every adult, admired by young people in this country, rock stars, sports figures and movie stars, is setting very bad examples for young people to emulate. Bad language, drug addiction, criminal incarceration seem to be things to be emulated. Not good grades, values and behavior.

    I thought the whole book was a testimony to someone with a brave spirit and good for him. I do hope the [book club] group enjoyed it. I read the beginning of the book pretty quickly and stalled out in the grammar section. The technical information didn’t interest me that much. I was glad to see that he was clear about how to write well and understood grammar principles really well.

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