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  1. Heehee! Glad you’re enjoying it so far, Greg, despite hitting you with it early in the morning! Yes, the first part is mostly me pointing out my potential errors ahead of time, and yes, that was indeed “politically” required in “soft science” papers at that time.

    Hm, a quickie recap afterward? I’ll think about it… it’s my hope the paper gets clearer as you go along, after all. With luck, it’ll stand on its own… maybe? Let me know. ;)

  2. Reading this paper, and thinking about your previous writing about ‘unreliable truths’, and what it says about memory being that which is most self-serving, it’s not hard to understand , in general theory, why hierarchical, patriarchal constructions have endured so long.

    …good god, I’m starting to talk like this paper. I’m amazed I’ve been able to understand the bulk of what I’ve read so far, and this part of it only focuses on the fact that what you’re saying may completely be off base, and how you are trying to remain completely objective about it, as well as trying to avoid typical mental pitfalls when addressing matters of this scope. And *that* takes up an entire blog posting!

    I’m not saying humility is not important, or objectivity (although in most respects, I’d have to say that pure objectivity is entirely impossible, as your own paper would seem to agree with), or the fact that you’re looking at it from the perspective of someone that has not been a part of this particular phenomenon, or any of that. I agree. But what I wonder, reading this paper, is if some of this writing is less an attempt to reassure the reader as to the fallability of your writing, but rather more political, to avoid stepping on the toes of yet another hierarchical, patriarchal construction. Because it does seem to go on a bit on the subject.

    As interesting as I’m sure your paper will be, it might be difficult for the layman (like me) to deconstruct, and a retelling of your conclusions in your own words, rather than in academic terms, might work better (or at the very least, take up less space!)

    It’s an interesting thing, I tell you, to wake up first thing in the morning, and read this while you’re still knocking the bedbugs from your skull. ;)

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