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  1. There’s no doubt toxic social situations affect all within the society — not just one group. As Charles Sumner noted, “The enmity of Slavery may be dangerous, but its friendship is fatal.”

  2. Of course, the idea that women have no journey, no growth potential, is utter rubbish. But that goes without saying, so I move on to more interesting topics.

    Listening to just your rough overview of archetypes, it makes me want to talk more with my sister, about her experience with both Mom and her entire lack of a worthwhile father influence in her life (I don’t count). Of course, she may not be able to talk about it with the same insight, at her age, but encouraging her to think about it may help her deal with some of her own internal strife.

    What strikes me, of course, is how those experiences also shape the son quite the same as they shape the daughter. There is a difference, of course, in what society tends to let the son and the daughter be in the world is very different. But what I find interesting is that, in the mental landscape that I grew up in, that attempting to embrace ‘masculine power’ can be just as toxic and unfulfilling to a young man as to a young woman.

    of course, maybe it happens more often than we realize, and men just don’t realize the damage they are doing themselves, embracing a way of being that is just wrong and out of balance with what people – people , men and women – really need.

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