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Codex Firestarter

a very old word meaning 'book,' which dates back to ancient Roman times. It signifies a collection of (sometimes bound) leaves of paper or parchment, all of which usually refer to a similar subject (i.e. the famous "Codex Mendoza" concerning post-Cortez Aztec life).

An entire codex was never written exclusively on one scroll; the codices were maintained as study references by students and scholars.

I've titled this section "Codex Firestarter" because it is in effect a digital codex: a collection of individual writings, or virtual scrolls, collected together for ease of later reference.

Archive of Firestarter Columns

A listing of all the Firestarter articles or reviews I've written, from newest to oldest. To be notified when they're updated (at the beginning of the month), please either use the RSS feed: RSS
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Firestarters for:

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May 2006
Why not torture?

Apr 2006
What is compassion?

Feb 2006
Book reviews for Jan & Feb


Dec 2005
What is a family?

Oct 2005
What personal growth?

Sep 2005
Why ask what women want?

Aug 2005
Why not women in combat?

Jul 2005
What is religion? part II

Jun 2005
What is religion? part I

May 2005
What about the pope?

Apr 2005
Daughter of "A Temporal Literary Triptych of Women"

Mar 2005
What happened to basic writing skills?!

Feb 2005
Love: have we learned anything?

Jan 2005
Why not logic?


Dec 2004
Material girls in the holidays

Nov 2004
Why are we so hysterical over current politics?

Oct 2004
What is spirituality, as compared to religiosity?

Sep 2004
Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene really married?

Aug 2004
Tolerance FAQ, take 2

Jul 2004
A comparison of geographically separated subcultures

Jun 2004
Why do women say "let's just be friends"?

May 2004
Why not same-sex marriage?

Apr 2004
A temporal literary triptych of women

Mar 2004
Why I don't like Jackson's "Two Towers"

Feb 2004
What is love?

Jan 2004
How do we keep honesty?


Dec 2003
What happened to browser standards?!

Nov 2003
Why do we ask why women seem to prefer bad boys to nice guys?

Oct 2003
What is friendship?