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Autobio, sort of

Nothing much to say, really. Let's see...

I've lived in other cultures long enough to develop a healthy lack of belief in the perfection of any of them; I've trained a wide variety of animals, from the quadrupedal & non-pedal (horses, elephants, camels, dogs, cats, snakes, etc.) to the more bipedal kind; as one of the equestrian warrior Sarmatians I've reigned as the first fighting Princess of Trimaris (although I did not myself win the tournament); I've improved and re-created myself more than once, both physically and mentally; I've met my fears head-on, conquered them, and discovered they're never as bad as I initially feared; I've decided to live and work in the way I felt was right, ethical, and kind, and am thus running my own successful business (much to my own pleased startlement!); and I've been graced for the last fifteen years (as of 2003) with the company of the kindest, cleverest, and most ethical man I've met in my entire life.

Life is usually good. I encourage you too to defeat your fears, and live your dreams to the fullest -- because the only person who can free you is you yourself. We each of us create our own Heavens and, unfortunately, our own Hells. Just as surely, each of us deserves to live in Joy -- but the only person who can give you that joyous life is you yourself.

Happy searching!