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  1. Regardless if the book was fiction or non-fiction, it was as close to reality as someone could come going through that situation. I know personally there is no way that a book could be wriiten in such realistic detail if the author (or the author’s source) had not in some way experienced what addiction is , what happens during coming off of drugs, and going down the road to recovery. Being someone eho has personally dealt with this issue…it was amazing how every detail was so precise and so close to what someone actually experiences during this process. This was one og my favorite books I have ever read and it was also very theraputic for myself. Regardless fiction or non-fiction, it was a great book and still should have been recognized regardless.

  2. i read this book when i was in the grip of a trerrible addiction, i lost every one and eveything i had, i so wanted to read it that i actually paid for it instead of stealing it and read it all the way through in one sitting, i can honestly say that this book changed my life, i thought if he can do it i can do it, it doesnt matter to me if it is all real, partly real or if he made the whole thing up off the top of his head, it is excellent writing which ever way you look at it. ill never forget this book, and im sure hes made a lot of money off of it, hell he even fooled oprah

  3. I absolutely loved this book. So what if it wasnt ALL true. Some of it was. He was a drug addict,He still overcame addiction. I find that extremely impressive. He’s also a talented writer,and he did try and sell it as fiction at first but no one was interested,so he did what anyone else would do,sold it as non-fiction.

  4. i was bored of reading no active books,
    so i asked my friend if she had any interesting books.
    turns out she gave me “a million little pieces”
    and i say, this book was amazing.
    i can read it over and over again.
    it teaches every a great amount of reasons to change
    from what they are going to be into something new before
    messing up their lives.
    i recommend this book to a drug addict person or a
    non drug addict person.
    its outstanding!

  5. I agree that it’s not whether the book is entirely non-fiction or not. The book was amazing no matter if he made some of it up. That’s that. The book inspired me, and a lot of other people around me to better ourselves and it sends a good message.

  6. I agree too, the book was entertaining, and writers write for just that purpose, to entertain. And to answer you guys’ questions, Frey did try and sell this as a fictional work and no one would buy it, so then he sold it as non fiction and it got picked up. I would have done the same thing.

  7. I agree. It didn’t matter whether or not it was fiction or non-fiction. It was an amazing book with an outstanding message.

  8. honestly, it never made a difference to me that a large portion of the book was false and fiction. good literature is good literature. and that’s what a million little pieces is. you can still learn from it. and because it’s not all true its mindless? or because it’s false, you can’t get the same effect? no. the book is amazing. and well-written. call it real, call it fake. it’s about how the book affects you. that’s all.

  9. That actually confused me greatly as well — why didn’t he do that? True, in the short term he gained a lot of money and notoriety… but will anyone ever trust or believe him again? I sure won’t.

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