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  1. (Note from Collie: This comment is reprinted from the original posting, with my replies in blockquotes)

    This was not a movie I expected to see…I thought it was fine when I saw it, but I agree that a lot of the music numbers came off as less than great as a result that I couldn’t understand the words.

    I too found it odd that the ‘Bride’ came off as oddly sexy…which certainly made for a strange effect, seeing as she was quite clearly dead, what with the gashes in her skin, and with one of her legs and one of her arms being nothing but bones. I can only guess they made her so for the purpose of sight gags, but it gave her sex appeal a distinctly creepy feel.

    No kidding! ;-p

    I found the Bride more vibrant than Victoria, but not so much lacking in personality. The Bride in particular, developed a spine (no pun intended) that I liked. personally, I would argue that any shallowness on either of their parts was not a lack in their own character, but rather the influence of the constrained society they lived in.

    Okay, I’ll grant you that one — it’s not like their colorless, bleached background allowed for much expression of any personality at all, really — at least from the few bits we saw. ;)

    Mostly, I found the movie bittersweet and amusing in bits, but on the whole, I was glad I saw it at the budget theatre. I couldn’t imagine paying $10 to see that movie. :}

    Yep. Definitely a matinee movie.

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