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  1. I would agree the trip and the exhibit was quite fun. I hope my proclivity to treat every trip like an adventure (Do we have a map? Where are we parking? Are we on time? Do we need an umbrella? When do we want to eat? Do we have a camera? Batteries? Notepads? Armor? Healing Potions? Wolfsbane? Holy Water? etc.) wasn’t too much of a damper. :)

    RE “[Resi] was referred to as part of the then-pharaoh’s ‘harem,’ … Was this a poorly chosen word by a male curator, perhaps?”

    Perhaps it was an effort to make something so different from the daily lives of most visitors “accessible” by using a “familiar” term. I would agree the word choice was curious.

    RE “I was also quite captivated by the chair of Princess Sitamun…”

    I find these types of items–the personal items of daily life–the most fascinating. The monumental, ceremonial, and presentational items are all works of art, but these types of items: the chairs, combs, game board, and so on seem much more “real” to me.

    RE “Also very cool was that the cat-men were (at least to me) clearly dancing! … On the other side of the chair there were two tambourine players…”

    Oh, come on! I still say they were clearly bowling! :) The long stride, the one hand holding the large spherical object, supported by the other hand. Obviously bowling. Obviously. :D

    I’m glad you had a swell time, and I really like your observations. You were clearly having a blast. :)

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