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  1. It is, yes. I have noticed one nice thing, though, about finding old friends and acquaintances, whom I haven’t seen in over a decade, on Facebook: with this much time lapsed, it’s far easier for me now to forget the bad times and just remember the good. :)

  2. Memory is one of those funny things. I can remember several names of my fellow students in junior high, a mostly unhappy time for me, but can’t remember practically any of the names of people in high school, teachers included, save for my three best friends. Matter of fact, there was even one girl that I was pretty close to for a while that ended super badly…I *think* I remember her first name, but am completely blanking on her last.

    Good god, I just realized I can’t remember the last name of someone that was a close, personal friend for *many* years until *that* ended badly, too. Interesting pattern, isn’t it?

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