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  1. There is a rather large backlash against anything ‘feminism’ and I wasn’t quite sure where it was coming about. Then I remembered a book I read about a year ago — it wasn’t a great book, at the time, but it had a lot of interesting ideas, just too many of them. One of the concepts the book had was the idea of an emergent organization. This particular org was out to change the world violently, but it had, apparently, sprung into being based solely on communication, exchange of ideas, and the mutation and viral spread of memes via confirmation bias; this particular org also needed, and had, a variety of technically-oriented people, but that’s almost secondary.

    In any case, it was a slightly unbelievable tale, and the org managed to break the world down to the Stone Age. But what struck me is that the strong backlash against feminism is just that sort of emergent behavior.

    Feminism itself had always had an uphill battle; sad, deluded Phyllis Schlaefly was hardly the most vocal or effective opponent in the past forty years, just one of the more well-known. But progress was, slowly, being made, I think. In fits and small starts, short little steps. It was with the explosion of the Internet, and more importantly the ability for people in disparate geographies to find people of like ideologies, that triggered this virulent new offensive.

    The process seemed to go somewhat like this: Scared intimidated men see women starting to assert themselves, and build on laughable, mockable whining of the nearly-buried ‘Mens’ Rights’ movement. Scared intimidated men congregate on the net, exchanging ideas and reinforcing biases. Scared intimidated men start to believe that they must preserve the Manosphere, and start to lash out. Bolstered by weight of numbers and mutual egging-on, they grow in volume if not in numbers. Mass media, always a multi-headed hydra, takes three directions: (1) decry the words and actions of the mens’ rights activists (MRAs) and in so doing amplify that message to even more receptive people, (2) portray it as a delicious controversy to sit back and watch while waiting for So You Think You Can Marry An American Survivor Dynasty or whatever pablum du jour is on next, and (3) enthusiastically broadcast the message of the MRAs as a counter to the growing awareness of the need for feminism because nothing gets viewers like making them afraid then telling them you’re on their side, honest.

    I firmly believe that the Internet is one of the greatest achievements of the human race. I also (somewhat) firmly believe that if anything is going to bring about the collapse of civilization, it will be reactionaries using the Internet.

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