Observations, reflections, & learning: a place for environmental musings, and a journal for both my independent study class on Ecofeminist Philosophy & Activism in Fall 2012, and my Feminist/Ecofeminist Philosophies & Activism Comprehensive Exams class in Spring 2013.

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Journaling for an independent study class

I’m crossing my fingers that Carol (my professor for my independent study in Ecofeminist Philosophy & Activism) will like the idea of my using the front yard as my “Place in Nature” to study during the semester. I think it’ll be a great way to make the yard a little nicer! It’s curious: when I…

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What is female beauty?

Lupin Lodge is a surprisingly nice place! I’m typing this au naturel by the pool, after cooling off from the heat of the day. The Lodge has over 100 acres and has been around for 77 years in 2012, so unsurprisingly it also has a strongly family-oriented atmosphere. There are also quite a few permanent…