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  1. Then we should applaud his insistence that psychology was a science, and dump all his more absurd hypotheses into the crapper… where they belong.

    No, not really a fan of Freud. The more I learn of him, the more I believe him a really sick puppy. Maybe it was the times… but even Jung “got it” better than he did.

  2. Freud was important because he demanded and showed that psychology should be treated as a science. Methodical study, understanding the issues, and trying to help people were all things that Freud wanted to make better.

    He was very early, if not first in the field. We should not be surprised that he got some things wrong. =)

    He also “psychoanalyzed himself” which should be just one step away from useless. One of the key things an analyst helps you with is seeing things you’re too close to yourself to see, and bringing an outside (hopefully impartial) opinion on to so you can reach a clearer judgement of your own about it. You just can’t do that to yourself.

    And this, he talked away all his possible flaws, and was concretely sure of himself. Clearly women were jealous of their father’s penises. That has NOTHING to do with is own insatiable and (as far as I know) repressed lust for cock.

    I’ve also read that he used the couch for clients as it got them out of his line of sight; he didn’t like to look at them, they made him nervous. So he ignored them while they talked.

    I don’t like what I’ve read of the man, or his actual conclusions about the science much, but he did make sure it was treated as a science and opened the door to a lot of important things.

  3. Heehee! Yes, according to the footnotes that was indeed Freud, if I’m remembering correctly. I love your attitude on Freud, by the way! -which, I must admit, I pretty much share. He certainly appeared to be a man hugely into denial — makes you wonder why he *insisted* everything had to be about sex! :)

  4. I see Freud there, don’t I? He, and many of his contemporaries were, in my opinion, unwilling to think that all this pain they heard of could be real, because they’d have to admit how terrible to women they were and how broken society was. Rather than take the blame, they decided it was all impossible. THEY couldn’t be at fault.

    Freud, particularly, seemed insistent to deny things. What happened to him that he was so focused on men’s dicks? I can only suspect, but suspect it wasn’t good.

    That makes it no easier to read, especially in large doses, I’m sure.

    Clearly, there’s a lot of dumb attitudes and centuries worth of deprogramming to do.

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