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  1. Wow, I’m so sorry, Rick — that really does sound awful! I won’t judge NOLA by your unhappy experience, then. Glad to hear things are better for you now, though! :)

  2. Central Louisiana is a run down, parochial, boring, inbred waste heap of a place. Alexandria, which is the ‘big city’ right next to Pineville is at the nexus of all the major North/South freeways, so you’d expect it to be bustling, but no. It’s a town that died long ago but not everyone has figured that out yet. Plus my job at the very Baptist Louisiana College ended rather badly.(fundamentalist take over resulting in me either swearing allegiance to the Bible inerrantist assholes, or getting the hell out of there) As for NOLA I hear it is a whole different world down there, so don’t let my experiences dissuade you.

  3. I wondered about the email notification thing, especially since I couldn’t figure out how to ask for that on your website too, where I also left a reply. Well, foo!

    Wow, sounds like LA was no fun for you — sorry to hear it! Why did you hate it there, if you don’t mind my asking? I’m being nosy because I’m starting to sort of “feel out” potential locations for dissertation studies, and NOLA is one of them. Since I also know you usually have all the lolling-about time of a hyper-caffeinated squirrel — which is to say, none — I won’t expect any feedback, but I’ll say thanks ahead of time for whatever you can give! :)

  4. Hmmm, I used to get an email when you replied to a comment, not so this time. In any event we lived in Pineville, LA for three years from 2002-2005, and despite meeting some dear and lifelong friends there we hated most of our time there. We were 4.5 hours north of NOLA, and though my wife got there once or twice, I never did.

  5. Oh, cool, Rick! When did you live in Louisiana? Were you able to spend much time in New Orleans? Did you like it? I fell SO in love with N’Awlins while I was there last year. I’d be delighted if I could figure out a way to be able to spend a year or two in the city — maybe while writing, or doing research for my dissertation or something — or even just a few months! :)

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