One of my housemates dragged me away from the computer to go get a pizza with him from Papa Murphy's — a "take it home and bake it" place that makes the best pizza in town. We ordered half the pizza to be what their menu called "Cowboy" style: pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, salami, and olives.

As we pulled the cooked pizza out of the oven, the housemate who hadn't gone with us commented amusedly, "Since when are olives part of cowboy style?!"

Without missing a beat the other housemate came back with, "Oh, it's a spaghetti Western!"


Also, random side-note in the spirit of sharing something nifty: the Papa Murphy's we go to is the one at 2984 Union Avenue, in San Jose, and it is absolutely fantastic — we all highly recommend it!

We always ask for double the sauce since one of us is a "pizza Nazi" (he huffily insists he is but a pizza facist, of course), and they not only do so cheerfully, but they always remember us and smile! Tonight we dithered for some time over what to order while standing there. Three or four people came in and ordered when we waved them past us, and over half of them were recognized by the owner! They stood and chatted amiably for a while. This is a really nice little store, for a fabulous pizza. Go buy some and help make the owner happy! :)

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