I don't know if this is common knowledge, but I'm an Amazon.com Associate. In my postings here, I put links to all the books and movies and things I review, so people can easily purchase them from Amazon if they so wish. I figured that would allow my readers and friends to get a nifty book (or whatever), and I'd get a little thanks from Amazon — a win for both of us.

Curiously, as far as I can tell no one has actually bought any of the books and other items I've reviewed, through the links I've provided. What's been far more useful to my readers has been the Amazon.com Associate button I put up, which when clicked simply takes you to Amazon.com and allows you to browse around for whatever you want, while still giving me the little bennie for any purchases you might make. The button looks like this:

This is just the graphic, of course, not the link to Amazon.com. You can see and use the actual button over there => , just to the right of this column in the bright orange box (at least until I change the template, I guess ;) under the subtitle "Help yourself & me too!"

In fact, due to that button and you, my readers, I had a really nice holiday season as an Amazon.com Associate. Even better, some of you have been kind enough to tell me you used the button (or I can tell by accessing my Associate sales reports on Amazon.com), which means I can thank you personally.

I'm a firm believer of giving credit where credit is due, so I'm taking a moment here to thank you all so much! I hope you enjoy the little gift certificates I'm sending you. I very much appreciate your patronage of the Bestiary! Please feel free to keep using my Amazon.com Associate button any time you make on-line purchases, and at the beginning of each year I'll continue to send a small thank-you gift to all the lovely folks who've been so kind.

Happy new decade to you all! :)

~ * ~

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