I've been working on manifesting change in my life, using my Granddad Bob's "Law of Higher Potential." You may be more familiar with him as Robert Collier, who was quoted in the surprise blockbuster movie The Secret — and with his "law" as the "Law of Abundance," from that movie. One of the things the movie unfortunately does not emphasize, which Granddad mentions as critical, is expressing both gratitude for what one has and seeks, and action towards the desired goal(s). So I've been working on gratitude, as well as action.

It's surprisingly enjoyable — the opening oneself up to gratitude, I mean. Just for this morning alone, I am grateful for the sheer sensual pleasure of a cool morning's walk in a lovely neighborhood. I'm grateful for editing jobs which leave the client incredibly overjoyed that I've fixed his or her writing issues — and which pay my bills and leave me with more besides. I'm grateful for fresh-made bread and a simple fried egg. I'm grateful for hot spiced tea that fills the kitchen with delicious scents, and the sweet croon of the love ballad I'm listening to as I cook and eat my breakfast. I love seeing the early morning sunshine falling through the screen door onto the floor in curlicue patterns.

Most of all, I think I'm grateful for the opportunity this summer offers me to simply write. I've wanted to write the stories in my head for quite a while; now I get to!

So share a bit, if you will: what are you grateful for?

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