Had a lovely day today! Started in a panic due to realizing I had but two weeks left until end of semester, which means I have two 20 page papers to complete by then, as well as a revision of another, and a ten-minute presentation on the spirituality of creativity. Lost all the panic, though, while laughing at a good friend's query: "So other than the arrival of the First Corgi of the Academic Apocalypse, how are you doing? (Doesn't quite rate a horse just yet.)" Oh, the angst — I don't yet rate an equine apocalypse?! ;-)

Went to work out and felt very good about that, especially after receiving a lovely compliment about how I'm looking trimmer already. That is so good for the ego — shiny colorful spandex for the win! :)

Heading back to the house after working out, I stopped by a nice little Mediterranean restaurant that I'd been meaning to try out for lunch. They were quite busy, and I was still overheated from exercise, so when the waitress assured me she'd be right out, I went and sat at an outside table. It was a pleasant area, and allowed me to make some excellent notes and very productive reflections on what to include in one of my papers.

Ten minutes later I was done with my notes, still hungry, and clearly forgotten by the waitress. I debated quietly leaving, then decided it was incumbent upon me to let at least the waitress, if not the manager, politely know how they'd come to lose a customer. As I was approaching the door, however, the waitress came shooting out, full of apologies for having forgotten me, and inviting me to stay and eat if I wished. I debated being cranky, then decided it wasn't worth the effort — I was, after all, still hungry, and I try not to waste energy on being angry when I don't need to be. So I sat down (indoors this time, since it was no longer busy) and ordered a lamb gyro and a Greek salad. I had to smile at the waitress's rapid-fire Spanish asking the cook to please please hurry on this one since she'd really screwed up and the lady was actually being nice! I don't think she realized I understood them.

The meal was quite delicious: fresh, hot, tasty, and well spiced just the way I like it. There was enough for me to take home half of it for later, as well. I thought about trying to ask for my Diet Coke for free, since I'd had to wait so long, but once again decided against it: I had, after all, drunk the Coke, and they'd had to pay for it. I was, therefore, both surprised and delighted when the waitress came by to inform me the meal was complimentary on the house, and I should please feel free to stop by again so she could show me better service next time! I left her a nice tip despite the meal being free — she definitely deserved it.

Later, as a small reward to myself for getting much writing done, and through the generous efforts of a housemate, I also got to go enjoy my new bookclub — a group of wonderfully articulate and thoughtful women. Despite my not having had time to read the selected book, our conversation rambled over several topics, allowing me to participate and contribute as well. The dinner there was delicious as well, especially the lamb meatballs and mint sauce. I may not have had the traditional lamb for Easter dinner, but I sure made up for that today!

So I think I've successfully conquered and tamed the first Corgi of the Academic Apocalypse. Bracing for impact with release of the second — isn't this one supposed to be War, and given power to take peace from the earth? He'll probably chew up my shoes and notes or something, if I'm not careful. That's all right; I just need to write like a demon to get all my papers done, and I'm golden! …or something like that… ;)

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