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  1. Of course I remember your device! I also helped paint it on your shield, and I think I still have a framed photo of us all, where you’re in armor and have the shield on your arm. Fun times! ;)

    I remember my complete startlement some two or three years after we left Florida, in fact, when a friendly local herald pointed out to me (with the “official book,” which I had no idea existed) that my device actually *had* passed! I think Guthrum’s was still being debated even then, though. Cracked me up.

  2. If you remember my device(which you helped me come up with) they bounced it because it ‘had too many layers’. I never feared the College of Heralds…loathed and despised is more apt. ;-) Fortunately a Viking doesn’t need anyone’s approval.

  3. Wow, that brings back memories! I remember how hard it was to get anything heraldic passed then, too — to the point that we viewed the Heraldic College with a sort of teasing “FEAR the Heraldic Inquisition!” attitude. :-D

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