This last Saturday my housemates & I celebrated a friend's birthday by attending the San Jose Dinner Detective at the Hilton — a personal first! :)

To be honest, I was less than impressed with both the extra, unmentioned costs on the tickets, and the lack of phone call-back before the event. However, the event itself was a ton of fun — quick-paced and high-energy with everyone a suspect, which made it amusingly interactive — and the food was really excellent. A fun place to take a party, especially since you can purchase an add-on package that includes you or a guest into the event.

Heh… apparently I was convincing enough, when called upon by one of the "detectives," that a young girl in the crowd believed I was the murderer! Also, a small personal glee: I solved the mystery first! Much fun was had all around, as well as a smashing and tasty dinner! :)

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