I don't know why, but I have been bedeviled with typos during my graduation process! This is not something I've had such problems with previously… so in the spirit of finding the positive in my life, I'm adding this as an amusingly undesired first, to my list of new things I've experienced this year, in order to find the humor in it.

The (absolutely OMG) correct title of my dissertation is: "Everyone Gets Lifted Up": How Matrifocal Families Can Enhance People's Lives and Reduce Systemic Patriarchal Oppressions. In the photo you can see part of the ProQuest invoice for the paperback copies of my dissertation that I ordered, where it's clear that they knew there were in fact quotation marks around the quote that comprises part of the title. That piece of paper rests on one of the paperbacks, showing the cover and title — and there are clearly no quotation marks around the quote on the printed volume!

Fortunately all the hardcover copies of my dissertation were correctly titled, even though the paperbacks weren't. So I contacted ProQuest, let them know what was up, and they immediately agreed to send out corrected copies of the softcovers. I even offered to send back the incorrect versions, but they politely declined — they told me to just consider it a (slightly damaged) gift.

Consequently, I was both amused and exasperated when the second shipment arrived… and the exact same typo was printed on all the copies! It was somewhat gratifying, when I contacted them again, to realize they were mortified by this error, and truly wished to get it right this time around. The third shipment arrived, and they had indeed corrected the typo… and I was able to send out the complimentary copies I wanted to gift to my (extraordinarily helpful — thank you so much again!) dissertation committee. Whew!

So now I have six paperback copies of my dissertation with a small typo on the cover. One of my former profs has strongly suggested I sell them at half of the ordinary price from ProQuest, which would be about $35 to $40 instead of $70 to $80 (which includes shipping & handling), though I'm a bit unsure as to whether anyone would wish to buy a copy. I don't know… what do you think?

So, on to my second typo adventure! This one was with my actual diploma. CIIS, my (now former) school, has an option on-line for students to put in preferred names along with their legal names, so naturally I'd typed in "Collie." Of course, at graduation time they also ask in the on-line forms for the specific, precise name you want on your diploma. I like my nickname, but I prefer to use my legal name on legal papers — so I typed it in and thought no more of it… until I received my diploma in the mail, made out to Collie Collier. Um, no.

So I sent a polite email to the Registrar's Office asking for the correction, but heard nothing back from them. I presume they were crazy-busy with graduation issues — plus the pandemic has left several offices understaffed. Just about the time that I was thinking that maybe I should call and ask what was going on, a revised diploma arrived in the mail. Whew! I checked that it had the right name, tucked it neatly into the pretty folder they give you to hold the paper, shredded the messed-up version… and that was that.

Until today… when I was gathering up my stuff (including the nifty 70% off coupon!) to go to Michaels to have the diploma framed. I took a moment to happily admire the diploma before heading out — and noticed yet another mistake! Apparently whoever printed off the new version for me didn't double-check the rest of the verbiage… and so, according to CIIS, they've awarded me a Doctor of Psychology… from the Philosophy & Religion department.

What it should say is Doctor of Philosophy… because, to be frank, I am not by any stretch of the imagination a psychologist! So this time I'm just going to call on Tuesday and ask for yet another copy of the diploma.

One of my housemates says I should keep this copy as well, so I can claim I've actually earned two doctorates! Haha, no. :) Also, there's an old saying about things coming in threes. If that's the case, I'm wondering now what my third graduation typo issue is going to be. Either way, I'm keeping in mind the most important thing: I did actually graduate, woohoo!

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