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I was enthralled by my correspondent's enlightening statement to me, and I spent some time trying to figure out where my spirituality was. Eventually I concluded it was not a particular location or animal in which I found the sacred — it was more the concept of the wilderness, of Nature itself as iconic of […]

I was already working hard on mental independence, unconsciously using Gross's "hermeneutics of suspicion" (121); looking back, I think my fierce desire for physical independence, and my complete disinterest in certain sexual positions I considered demeaning, stemmed from that understanding. Since then I've also had recommended (but not yet read) Peggy Reeves Sanday's Femininity & […]

It was no surprise, therefore, to discover the other two Religions of the Book (Judaism and Islam) seemed equally reprehensible in their treatment of women. I was boggled to discover Judaism seemed to consider women not only "unclean" whenever they performed the absolute miracle of birth — but that a girl child was somehow filthier […]

Childhood Spirituality & Implications Durkheim's definition of religion was a huge relief to discover in my early college years; it was a clear explanation for vague and inchoate beliefs I'd held since childhood. At that time, of course, I was not consciously aware of the iconic, near-reified nature of the various flavors of christianity my […]

Paper written Fall 2008 for the Women's Spirituality Master's Program class Women, Religion, & Social Change; with professors D. Grenn & M. Rigoglioso. Bibliography (with links included) at paper's end. Introduction My final paper for the "Women, Religion, and Social Change" class is based on the question: "What are the social, ecological, spiritual, political, […]

There's a lot I'm learning in my classes on Women's Spirituality that I feel somewhat perplexed by — sort of a "doesn't everyone know this?!" kind of feeling. I don't feel I'm that unusual, though, so I guess a lot of the other women must be feeling this too. Still odd, though.

It… liiiiiiiiives!!

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Well, halle-flippin'-luiah. Quarter's over, papers sent in, only thing left is an art project which I'll finish tomorrow, and I'm still standing — mostly. ;-) My brain is finally starting to fizzle down and notice all the things that need doing, that I've been putting off to focus completely on paper writing: personal and business […]

I'm in a master's program for Women's Spirituality at ITP ( in Palo Alto. A lot of fascinating questions are coming up for me as I take the courses, and I'll try to put them up here on line for discussion as they occur to me. A particularly poignant question which hit me this weekend […]

by Barbara Ehrenreich & Deidre English A review of one of my textbooks: a tiny little pamphlet — less than 50 pages! – with a powerful message that's both creepily and effectively illustrated with a few small woodcut reproductions. Operating under the premise that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, the authors […]

Truth is a slippery concept. The only thing slipperier I can think of, at this exceedingly late hour, is contested memory fought over to define truth. It's funny the things that stick in your mind. Think of something incredibly meaningful to you as a small child, then ask a parent about it. Odds are they […]

Bestiaries depict mythical, moralizing animals, but are also potential allegorical sparks that can bloom into brilliant mental bonfires. My bestiary is this mythologizing animal's fascinated exploration of beauty & meaning in the wonder of existence -- in the hopes of inspiring yet more joyous flares of intellectual passion.



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