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The Oxford Study Bible: Revised English Bible with Apocrypha A quick review of how women's treatment in the early Christian church changed, as the fledgling church moved from 'cult' status to being part of the societal 'status quo.' The evolution of a cultural phenomenon can often be tracked by its response to independent thought, minorities, […]

1 January 2005 Rank Song Group 1 Let Me Love You Mario 2 Drop It Like It's Hot Snoop Dogg & Pharrell 3 Lovers & Friends Li'l Jon & The East Side Boyz, Usher & Ludacris 4 Over & Over Nelly & Tim Mcgraw 5 Soldier Destiny's Child

Credits: For love, compassion — and the music. Let's all hold out for more, and better! ;) Originally posted (tongue firmly in cheek!) on February 2005 Last February (it being the traditional month of romantic entanglements) I got a great deal of enjoyment writing a Firestarter titled, "What is Love?" This February I decided to […]

Enter Shiloh Sophia McCloud into the search box to see all the available books written by the instructor of this class. Amazon.com Widgets One of my classes in the Women's Spirituality Master's Program that I'm taking is called "Art as Sacred Practice." It's a curious oddity of most Western religious traditions that the creation of […]

This is a class assignment to critique Huber's article "Biodiversity vs. Bioengineering?" solely on the issue of whether the use of deception was sound argumentation technique. Huber's short but fascinating article appears in The Environmental Predicament, shown to the left. From the article, I quote the most personally relevant portions: [T]here are still transcendentally important […]

Originally written December 2003: more of a grumble than usual… As you probably don't know, by profession I am a web site designer. I take pride in my work, as I assume most competent craftspeople do. However, recently I've had the most incredible frustration in my job — on this very web site! — due […]

Originally written in the early 1990's for an absolutely amazing class on the bible as history and literature. My later notes, to clarify the paper, are in blockquotes. The story of Genesis in the bible has been used throughout history as an excuse for, and explanation of, why women should be subjugated by men. This […]

Just got back from the opening weekend of the newest exhibit at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. The museum's in the old SGI building, for locals, and it's a lovely little place. The exhibit is a working Babbage Difference Engine! The following is based on my memory of what transpired, so if […]

Bestiaries depict mythical, moralizing animals, but are also potential allegorical sparks that can bloom into brilliant mental bonfires. My bestiary is this mythologizing animal's fascinated exploration of beauty & meaning in the wonder of existence -- in the hopes of inspiring yet more joyous flares of intellectual passion.



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