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  1. When I worked at the Duncan Theatre in West Palm Beach we brought in at least a dozen modern and classical dance groups each season. I’ve worked with The Saint Petersburg Ballet, Piloblolus, Alvin Ailey, the ‘Trocks’ twice(and it is very weird glancing out on stage from the wings and seeing a 6′ tall ballerina pirouetting) and literally hundreds more. I never realized how much I enjoyed working the dance shows until I left and no longer got the opportunity. And now that I think about it, one of my first gigs was for the Miami City Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet just after I left G’ville. I loved watching good dance, and dancers tend to be some of the nicest, most courteous and grateful people ever. I even tried to find a full time gig in dance, but such sweet jobs are very few and very far between.

  2. It was a lovely night — and a truly thoughtful birthday present from my housemate too! ;)

    How cool! I had no idea you worked ballet shows; tell more? Yes, the “Trocks” were gut-wrenchingly funny when I caught them a few years ago here, and I’m glad to hear they’re still dancing.

    For myself, I’d adore the opportunity to dance more! I’m an enthusiastic amateur at ballroom dance, although since my previous partner got married I’ve had great difficulty finding a steady dance partner to accompany to the various soirees. I’ve recently discovered American Tribal Bellydance might be an excellent form of partner-less and self-empowering dance for me (“cabaret” style bellydance, frex, doesn’t do a thing for me for perhaps obvious reasons) — but since I’m a working student right now, I don’t have the spare cash to take lessons, alas.

    Maybe I should take the suggestion of my former dance partner: to put up a paypal button on this site titled “Keep Collie Dancing!” :-)

  3. It sounds like a wonderful night. I’ve worked many, many ballet shows and I can tell you that there is always all kinds of thudding, squeaking, and the tapping of the little chunk of wood(?) in the toe shoes. Usually the music covers it up, though. I must confess I prefer modern dance companies over classical, but I have also found, with one notable aging Russian douchebagess exception, classical dancers are some of the most courteous, professional, and pleasant people to work with. If you ever get a chance to catch Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo ( you must. They are a satirical group of all men who parody all forms of dance, but they are all incredibly talented dancers. The men dance en pointe and wear classical costumes, and dance beautifully…but they’re hilarious as well.

  4. Aww, thank you, Lou! You’re so sweet. ;)

    Heh… George thinks I should make a paypal button for this site so folks can donate — and that I should title it something like “Keep Collie dancing!”

  5. Yes, Coppélia was beautiful and they did a wonderful job. I think you’ve found the same good and bad things I would mention.

    The dancing was wonderful, and I particularly enjoyed the orchestra – I’m a sucker for live music, apparently.

    One of the best parts was how utterly full of excitement the trip made you. You light up for dancing. All you need now is a way to do some of your own.

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