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  1. David: the Arabic was on a store sign somewhere in (I think) Somerville — I have utterly no idea where, though, since I was following my native guide at the time. Also, I would postulate the existence of Bostonian road signage, like the cowpath-based roads, is another urban myth. ;)

  2. Yes indeed, we have huge ethnic communities in Boston…a lot of Spanish, though the signs you were seeing were very likely Portuguese, not Spanish (Somerville has a large Portugeuse community, and stores run and most often frequented by same).

    You speak far more nicely of our drivers than I would though, Collie…I would rather put it that Boston drivers realize quickly they have to be aggressive if they want to get anywhere, because they will be walked all over if they’re too passive. But folks don’t get too mad about it because it’s pretty much the silently agreed on way to be.

    You didn’t even relate the most amusing story about your travels, though…about theoretically driving through a small portion of Rhode Island, and seeing no signs alerting you to the fact! That one reminded me of a running joke on ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’: If State Border signs were completely Honest.

    ‘Utah welcomes you and your wives!’
    ‘Welcome to Montana, nobody lives here!’
    ‘Welcome to Hawaii, how did you get here in a car?’

    And Finally:

    ‘Welcome to Rhode Island…now leaving Rhode Island!’

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