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  1. I do think that the audiencs of the time took it as a Morality Play. Also there are parallels to later Superhero tropes. Superman stories are dull because he is nearly infallable (but Superman was rare if ever a Jerk, or if he was it was a result of some chromatic version of Kryptonite). Dull , but probaly safe and comforting as well. Super Smart Detective, who resets the Status Quo. Though Sherlock Holmes brother was Mycroft, wasn’t it who worked in Government?
    Apparently the TV show “House” is based quite a bit on the Holmes formula with a thin aristocratic, arrogan doctor the the beside manner of a state executioner, who abuses his staff, that mostly sticks with him because he’s the best doctor in the Hospital. He’s a jerk driven by the need to solve the mystery with a bum leg and addiction to pain pills. And it’s a hugely popular show. Maybe like the popular asshole loners we despise, he’s popular BECAUSE he’s a jerk? Either than or there is a large population of entertainment masochists out there.

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