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  1. Add that I have grown a curious regard for the concept of birthday. My birth day was many years ago, I was small and have no memory of the event. Yes, the celebration of the anniversary of my nativity would make sense for parents while small. I had survived another year, not all smalls do. Just after 21 (legal) and possibly 25 (lower vehicle insurance) the reason grows increasingly thin with the years. We are all alive another year.

  2. cultural ritual best celebrates the milestones within living
    far fewer and at times distortions of what they were/could be
    revisions are needed but it is a snarled bit of worried twine

    weddings… The opera Lohengrin a notable influence
    mothers/mother-in-laws forever competing to control
    my feeling always such should best match the brides wishes
    outside influences not adding more financial burden
    finances so often a marital wedge, yet family wishes can often start the new pair in debt

    my own was more large BBQ with minor formalities proceeding
    the event more of joining families in a new relationship
    my partner of 13 years and I sharing the cost, we had the means
    a community farm the location

    daughter’s wedding was the opera, both mothers adding extensive embellishments
    as much a public social event, the kids having to dig their feet in at times to keep some parts of it theirs
    fortunately the kids had no added financial burden with it, such is not often the case
    my honor to escort the bride as she had asked, it would not have upset me had she not
    our relationship never one of property, a person always

    baby/bridal showers best help diffuse expenses, worst inspire competition
    sadly welcoming new neighbors is so uncommon now to the detriment of community

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