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  1. Hi, Greg! Thanks again for writing!

    Re your comment: I can’t speak for all “chicks,” nor do I really consider myself that diminutive. ;) Also, at the time I wrote that, I was actually thinking of Harrison’s (incredibly stoopid!!) protagonist — who, at the end of book II, is actually flirting with the man who kept her prisoner and tried to kill her. Frankly, if I had such a man try to slide into the driver’s seat of my brand-newly gifted, shiny, convertible hot rod, I wouldn’t shift tamely over into the passenger seat for him. I suspect it’s more likely I’d pull a gun on him and threaten to kill him — but that’s just me being hostile to the murderous. Silly me, I guess.

    Regarding danger, I think it’s a very personal decision. I’ve been told some of the horses I rode when younger were dangerous — but it was a danger I understood, and I was never seriously injured by them because I knew how to alleviate their fear and train them to better behavior. That being said, I chose the dangers I exposed myself to then, and they were all things I felt I had at least some control over. Further, I was pretty sure I’d survive the chances I took. Since I’m still here, I’d have to say I guessed pretty accurately. :)

    It’s possible, of course, that a lot of the women who read the “Magic” series and greatly enjoy it would abhor being in such a situation themselves. I certainly don’t believe the old garbage about women “wanting” a man who can beat them up. Frankly, anyone who tells you some particular group wants to be abused is likely smoking something illegal — and isn’t a member of that group.

    I don’t want to sound rude, but I can’t wait for the time when we never hear silly nonsense like “women really want bad boys.” ;-j

  2. It’s interesting you mention the whole ‘do not date someone who is trying to kill you’ schtick. Because that was a sort of dissonance for me as well with this very series.

    Kate keeps referring to the fact that she is scared (understandably so) of Curran, because in many ways, he is more powerful than her. And while she is not overpoweringly attracted to him (although she does have moments as the series progresses), it mystifies me that she could feel any interested at all to someone that made her doubt her physical safety at *any* point.

    Is it that whole ‘chicks dig dangerous guys’ phenom? And even if it is, isn’t it usually that dangerous people are interesting, not that dangerous people could pose a danger to you specifically? I don’t know. But it’s one of many reasons I’m still not warming to Curren, and this is a *fan* of the series talking.

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