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  1. Somehow this thought escaped me on first reading – you mention how it seems that Harry never seems to ‘get his act together’. It pieces together a bunch of random comments I’ve heard about into a sort of answer to that.

    Butcher has said time and again that Peter Parker (Spider Man) was his inspiration for Harry Dresden. Harry being the magic geek, rather than the science geek. And this was classical Peter mythos: he could never get his act together, ever. And even when individual writers would try and help Peter grow, it always seemed to get back to that, one way or another. It got back to that even more recently, with the whole Brand New Day storyline, where his marriage to MJ gets retconned, and Peter turns back into this twenty-something incompetant, still living with his Aunt May. It drives me nuts, because honestl, I’m tired of that. I want growth, even if it takes us down roads that are not always good. Believe it or not, I *liked* the shakeup of the Clone Saga from the 90s, and I *really* liked the JMS run, which showed Peter has a pretty damn puissant adult and role model. It it frustrates me that some combination of writers and fans keep bringing Spidey back to this mediocrity that gets in his way.

    Peter, sadly, is often also not a team player… even when he’s on a team, it always seems to come down to him, and Dresden really does seem to faithfully cleave to that trope.

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