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  1. Interesting that you received the implication that he was heavily involved in the Paranet’s creation — I received much the opposite, as I’m sure you can tell by my reaction. I think it’s a darned good thing (and about time!) that he’s finally getting involved in community through teaching seminars, etc. ;)

  2. In retrospect, I should have waited to reply, seeing as you are touching on some of the very aspects that I commented on in my last post. :}

    But from reading that last bit, about the organization and network idea that eventually became the Paranet, in later books…I reread that specific part in White Night. It didn’t seem to me like he was eschewing responsibility, there. He kept saying ‘we’ in regards to setting up the network, specifically referring to himself, and the female mage that he partnered with in that book.

    While we never see that part of it, what he does to help build and grow it, help make contacts, the implication is that he does intend to be intimately involved with it’s creation, with the day to day, with the personal touch, as you put it. With his fellow wizard’s assistance, of course. And two books later, the Paranet has chapters in the US, Mexico, Canada, and plans for Europe. And it deliberately mentions he and his friend teaching seminars on recognizing magical threats, and self defense.

    Just saying. Maybe we don’t see what he does, but it doesn’t mean he didn’t do anything. :}

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