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  1. Spirituality is something I have trouble with, myself. Do I respect it more than I do organized religion? Whole bunches. But the whole notion of apotheosis sort of gets under my gut.

    I’m all about searching for truth. I even think that truth can be found in mythologies, as it’s only by exploring most forms of thought that the search for truth can actually happen. But what is the need to exalt or deify anything? How is that satisfying or make things any different? It may have made a difference, back during a time when there was less of us, when life was more confusing, when there was still so much we didn’t understand about how the world works. Back when it made sense that earth, air, fire, and water were the four elements.

    Am I suggesting that we know everything now? of course not. And according to some eastern thought, there’s value in transcending thought, and moving towards soemthing purer that others seem to have reached. But why bring gods or spirits or whatever into it now? Aren’t those icons that have outlived their usefuless, except through the teaching of the ways people used to think?

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